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Scars On Her Soul - Vivi

So this is a poem that I submitted in a poetry competition at my school and I won Honorable Mention for the category.

A choice must be made

A choice which slowly destroys

A choice which cuts like a blade

A choice that leaves her with nothing

Her angels taunt her;

Whispering fragments of truth

Her demons mock her;

Housing her mind with lies

She knows no person to turn to

All alone she walks her path

Nobody knows of the horrors she faced

Unaided in the dark

She burns then flickers

As she makes her decision

She lets go of what hurts her heart

Yet; it was not easy to choose her option

She does the right thing

But; everything is out of her control

Her family blames her for their misery

Her friends are friends no more

Her difficult decision;

leaves scars on her soul

Comment down below! Vivi out 🙂



Don't think I didn't notice the triggerwarning ;P. Anyways it's great, except it could have a little bit more depth

29th May, 18

Wow, really great, I can see why you definitely won Honourable Mention! Beautiful writing :)

4th Jun, 18