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Interview Questions - from Sylvs and Bane

It has been actual ages since I’ve posted anything on my blog and won’t be for another 2 weeks cos I’m going on VACATION!!!! And also Happy Holidays to everyone and I assume that we’ve all completed a semester!!! YAY!!!!!!!! Alright let’s get on with the post…. but before that – credit goes to @sylvs and @bane for this amazing idea and check out their original post here https://sylvsandbane.insideadog.com.au/the-interview-questions/

1. Favorite singer/band 

So I didn’t use to have a favorite singer or band and that was because I liked a lot of different genres of music – country, pop, EDM, trap you name it and I probably have at least one song of it on my phone. But recently I was introduced to K-Pop and the K-Pop band, BTS, and I absolutely fell in love with them!! They are quite literally the only band or artist that I have ever felt this way about…The Vamps came quite close but I just enjoyed their music and didn’t pay much attention to the actual people.

2. Favorite movie + tv show

My favorite movie…it’s like my music – I can’t decide. I love action movies and sometimes I feel the need to watch romantic. If I had to choose then I think I’d pick Me Before You because I love the characters and even though I’m not someone who watches romantic movies all the time I can certainly appreciate this one. My favorite TV show has to be Brooklyn Nine-Nine because it’s hilarious and there’s a lot of seasons which I can rewatch and the content will still be funny.

3. Favorite colour

My favorite color is teal blue – I like it because it’s a color that is unconventional and it’s different…sort of like me. It’s a sophisticated color and it can symbolize friendship which is something that I value highly in my life. The turquoise gemstone is said to carry peace and truth and great wisdom behind it.

4. Favorite food

My favorite food is probably pizza because well I love pizza and I can pretty much eat an entire large pizza in under 30 minutes… yes, my best friend and I have competitions to see who can finish it first! Anyway, pizza also makes me feel better and I love eating it while watching a movie. My favorite pizza is probably the Peri Peri Chicken from Dominoes – don’t judge my pizza shop (it’s the only request I make)…

5. Favourite book character of all time

My favorite book character of all time is either Jace Herondale Lightwood or Celaena Sardothien aka Aelin Galathynius. I love Jace because his personality is almost identical to mine so I can relate lots to him – impulsive, puts his friends and family above himself, a bit arrogant and incredibly loyal. I equally love Aelin Galathynius because of the exact same reason – she will put others above herself and ensure their safety before regarding her own and she will do whatever ti takes to keep them safe.

6. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why

If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Hawaii. Well, the place is beautiful and it’s always been a dream of mine to learn to surf and Hawaii would be a great place to do that. I also love their culture and I feel like spending every morning at the beach is something that would suit me – I’d probably listen to my music and watch the waves and think about life…

7. If you could be stuck in any FICTIONAL world which fictional world would it be and why

If I could be stuck in any fictional world…that’s a really good question and the answer is; it would have to be something like TMI because I love adventure and feeling the rush…I’m a really adventurous person and I like to try new things all the time so I feel like a world like TMI would suit me well.

8. If you could become a fictional character for ONE MONTH who would it be and why

I think if I had to be any fictional character I would be Alex Rider…he was my first ever favorite character and to be honest, it would be rather interesting to live his life. I’m a huge fan of spies seeing that I want to pursue a detective sort of career so I think I would like to be Alex Rider for a month.

9. A Hidden Talent

A hidden talent…I’m actually a rather good dancer apparently because I have a sense of rhythm which I have obtained from listening to my music for countless hours sometimes for hours on end. I can do a bit of freestyle dancing to songs and some break dancing as well 🙂

10. How long does it take you to read one book

It depends on the book but if it’s a book I like and I don’t have much homework then around a day or two. It also depends on how big the book is – if it’s a relatively thin one then I can smash it out in a couple of hours if I read continuously but if it’s a thick one then it might take more than two days…I’m a relatively fast reader or at least compared to some of my other friends.

11. Favourite thing to do over the weekend

My favorite thing to do over the weekend is to go shopping or to just walk around in a shopping center…I’m more a people person so I usually do it with someone else usually my friends. Anyways, I’d probably go shopping and then eat out (because I love eating out and experiencing different shops and cultures and food). Sometimes I’ll feel like going out for a walk or going out to play soccer 🙂

12. Favourite sport to play

My favorite sport to play is probably soccer – I usually play forward but sometimes I play midfield. I love soccer because it’s exhilarating and it’s exciting and most of all, I can play it, unlike other sports. I used to play netball so I enjoy playing it from time to time but not competition wise. I also enjoy playing hockey because it’s different from both soccer and netball since it uses an equipment to control the ball whereas the others are done by playing with your feet or hands.

13. Weirdest dream

Weirdest dream??? I don’t even remember my dreams to be honest so this one’s a little hard to talk about…I’ll have to say pass on this one.

14. Favourite song to belt out

There are way too many songs that I love to belt out but I have to say it’s probably Fire by BTS – the song is really energetic and it gives me a really good feeling when I sing it out loud…even though I barely know what I’m saying half the time

15. Next book you are going to read (next book on your TBR)

It’s Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas. I was rereading the entire series before reading the two that came out recently because I had read them ages ago and didn’t remember much so now I’m finally up to Tower of Dawn and can’t wait to finish it!!!

16. Favourite book genre

My favorite book genre would definitely be action and adventure…but I also like mystery and thriller. I especially love detective stories where I can sort of solve the crime before the book or work it out along with the character…It gets me really excited and on edge and I honestly can’t put the books down.

17. Favourite childhood book

My favorite childhood book was Famous Five by Enid Blyton…I started reading them as a Grade 1…I honestly loved the characters and I still do – they were my childhood heroes 🙂

18. Favourite animal

DOGS!!!! Definitely dogs!!!! I grew up with dogs and although I don’t have them in Australia just yet, I really want a German Shepherd and Collie mix (Shollie) because I absolutely adore big dogs. My friend has a dog whom I think love more than my friend herself…but don’t tell her that 🙂

19. Most anticipated 2018 release

The Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas – really looking forward to the ending because I love the whole book series and really look up to the author.

20. Dream job

Being a spy…as in joing ASIS (Australian Secret Intelligence Service) because it sounds fun, adventurous and it requires a lot of hard work which I love doing…the job will motivate me to achieve more and more and that’s something I really look forward to.

21. Spirit animal

Apparently a butterfly…not quite sure how that works but that’s what it is…

22. Something that you cannot stand (pet peeves)

I cannot stand people who think they’re better than others or try to be better than others…PLEASE KNOW YOUR PLACE AND THAT WE’RE ALL EQUAL AS HUMAN BEINGS!!!!!! Having experienced people who are like this I can tell you that they make me personally feel really frustrated and annoyed… not a good feeling

23. Best place you ever been to

The best place I’ve ever been to would have to be my childhood treehouse that my best friend from when I was young and I used to share… You could see the entire garden from there and it was cozy and we could talk there for hours about the weirdest things and no one could hear our conversations…

24. If you could be stuck in a movie world for 1 MONTH which movie would it be

I would like to be stuck in Ready Player One – it’s weird but I think it’ll be fun to experience it since I haven’t really tried out VR personally

25. Which fantasy creature would you be and why

Vampire… I mean who wouldn’t want super speed and agility?!?!?!? Personalyl I think this was influenced by Simon from TMI 🙂 Thanks Si

26. Worst song/music genre

Havana by Camilla Cabello – there is honestly no purpose to this song and it repeats the chorus so MANY times that I actually die…It gets me every time it comes on the radio or someone plays it; I actually groan and walk out of the room

27. If you were to be famous what would you be famous for

It’s a dream to dream but I would like to be famous for not sleeping the longest – I mean I’m pretty much already in training so why not go all the way right??

28. If you were the only person on earth what would you do

I would; rob all the shops, try on a lot of different clothes at Myers and buy all the expensive stuff, raid Twisted Sista because their ice-cream is so good, fly a helicopter or a plane, dance to my songs as I walk down the street without having to worry about people judging me…and there’s a lot more but I’ll cut it off there…

29. Who/what inspires you

A lot of things – my best friend, BTS and I guess sometimes, myself.

30. Greatest fear

My greatest fear is losing the people that I love – it might be of natural causes, or I might to do something wrong and chase them away or it could be just anything but I’m scared of losing people that I truly care about and would go to the ends of the Universe for.

31. What your friends would describe you as

A crazy kid who tries to be funny, always laughing and has cute dimples and a REALLY LOUD AND ANNOYING LAUGH

32. What do you wish you were good at

I wish I was good at singing and puns – I honestly have no idea how I anyone can use their brain and make plays on words just out thin air like it’s nothing…then I can finally have a pun-off with my best friend.

33. If you wrote an autobiography what would it be called

The Diary of A Crazy Kid

34. lucky number

It’s 4

35. If you won the lotto what would you spend the money on

Since I go to a private school I’ll use it to pay for my school fees and then a vacation for my family, maybe to the USA or around Europe

36. Most embarrassing experience

When I was younger I had to on stage and sing a solo for the school concert but minutes before the performance I got really bad stage fright…I literally went up, stood on stage with the mike, completely paralyzed. Then I raised the mike and began crying hysterically on stage…my mum had to drag me off because even though I was crying I didn’t want to leave. After that, everyone at school teased me about it…It was SO EMBARRASSING!!!!!!

37. 5 interesting facts about you

  • I went to my first sleepover with one of my closest friends just last year
  • I kind of want to be an actor or a singer and see what it’s like…that’s also another reason I want to learn how to sing
  • I used to dance hip-hop when I was in grade 2 and 3
  • I used to hate the idea of K-Pop and listening to it – I was like “why should I listen to songs that I can’t even understand? And also I won’t ever be able to tell them apart” – and then I heard Fake Love and I was like “I just want to learn their names…” and it ALL escalated from there!!!!
  • I secretly love art and can’t imagine not choosing it for a subject at school – I’m not good at it but I love doing it no matter what it is…but my favorite type of art is ceramics or sculpture

38. Best thing about you

The loyalty that I have for the people I love…I will always stick by their sides through thick and thin through the best and worst times. It’s something I value in others so I want myself to be an example and when I make a promise I will do my very very very best to stick to it – I never make promises unless I know I can keep it unless its under dire circumstances.

39. If you could control any element which one would it be and why

It would be water – I think it would be cool to be able to be able to manipulate water and send like a tsunami to my enemies. Water is beautiful and calm when it wants to be but it can also be a weapon of mass destruction…it excites me

40. Your Patronus (Harry Potter)

Apparently a cat…


So I hope you’ve learned a bit more about me from this anyway…Vivi out!!!



OMG I AGREE WITH BASICALLY EVERYTHING!!!! I WISH I WAS A GOOD SINGER LIKE JIMIN LEVEL AMAZING AT HITTING HIGH NOTES. I can make puns out of thin air but basically you just have to link what a person is saying to pop culture references. Me? It's easy because I have that sort of mind that can make connections in a split second. I CANNOT STAND people who think they are better than everyone else. I had this incident where that happened and I honestly just snapped. Look I usually am considerate and really nice to everyone but it just got to that stage where I couldn't stand it anymore (a bad pet peeve of mine!! :O) Being an actor/singer would be cool I would love to be one who does choreo like BTS but I get really REALLY bad stomachaches whenever I sing and dance on stage. In fact it even happened today. I also had my first sleepover last year and I also hated KPOP but I had this gut feeling that I'd like it if I gave it a try

29th Jun, 18

I'm also a people's person which makes me a really good communicator! I wish I was good at soccer but I'm AWFUL at any sport!! I'm also really loyal too and of course a major fan of Aelin and Jace!! Oh and I also share the same fear as you ;)

29th Jun, 18