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Character Names

As a writer, I know the PAIN of finding character names that suit your character. Naming a character is just like naming a baby – it’s an official stamp that will shape the way both you and your readers will see your character. Most writers struggle with that stamp because your character is special, it’s your character and you want him/her/it to be just right.

Here are a couple of tips:

  1. Ask yourself this; Who is your character?

Are they male or female? This will obviously split your troubles in half save for the few unisex names that are hanging around.

What language do they speak? If your character speaks Spanish then you’re probably not going to have a character named Francois. But if you make the name super complicated because your character is an alien from Pluto then your readers will have a hard time, well, reading.


  1. Reflect their personality:

Whatever you do, make sure your character’s name suits their personality. If your character is a spoiled straight-up Mean Girl then Jane Smith won’t really work for her. Similarly, if your character is a young girl brought up in a poor household calling her Lexie Kathleen Vandermyde won’t work.


  1. Check the time period:

If your book takes place in the 1960’s then your character’s name should probably be from that era – calling them something from 2040 is probably not the best.

  1. Look on Nameberry or other baby name websites:

Remember your character is your child and so these baby name websites will set you up for naming your character.

Here are some of the names of my children aka my characters (You can mix and match some and I also love having middle names which is why there are quite a few of them):

  • Grace (Gracie) Leah Montgomery
  • Maria Lawrence
  • Charlotte Delarix
  • Nicola Henderson
  • Katerina Winters
  • Trixie Adams
  • Cassie Sears
  • Julian Edwards
  • Phillip McMillian
  • Brandon Francis
  • Arthur Santiago
  • Alicia Hazel Anderson
  • Hazel Ellen Anderson
  • Imogen Valentine Green
  • James Romero Henderson
  • Tamella Kathleen Maxwell
  • Samuel Xavier Ryder
  • Jaxon Henry Peterson
  • Pamela J Ward
  • Herbie Ronaldo Stilo
  • Aydan Keifer Hope
  • Robin S Moss
  • Bailey
  • Elizabeth Frost
  • Derek Dixon
  • Rozanne D Whittmere
  • Jessica Wilson
  • Matteo Rodriguez

Comment down below with some of the names of your characters! Looking forward to seeing them!




16th May, 18

Super helpful, thank you!!

26th May, 18

Glad I could help! :)

26th May, 18